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Jisook Lee이지숙

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    1994 Seoul National University, Craft, M.F.A.
    1992 Seoul National University, Craft, B.F.A.
    2016 Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition, YTN Artsquare, Seoul, Korea
    2016 10th Anniversary Opening Exhibition, Architectural Ceramics-Earth, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea
    2015 The Promenade: Healing in Nature, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon, Korea
    2015 The beauty of Korean culture and Minhwa, Goyang Aram Nuri Aram Art Museum, Goyang, Korea
    2015 Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition :Wealth and Glory-For the extraordinary in the ordinary life, Youngeun museum, Kwangju(Kyunggi-do), Korea
    2015 About Brilliant day- Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition, Gumbosung Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Lee, Ji-sook solo exhibition: A room with books, Bijuart Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2013 A room with books, Umoha Gallery, Yongin, Korea
    2012 Mom’s room, KDB DAEWOO Securities Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2011 The meaning of things : Life, Existence, Fascination- Lee, Ji-sook’s Dreaming Chaekgado, Gallery Yedam Contemporary, Seoul, Korea
    2016 YTN, Seoul, Korea
    2015 Youngeun museum, Gwangju(Gyunggi-do), Korea
    2015 National museum of modern and contemporary ART, Gwacheon, Korea
    2016 9th Youngeun Resident Artist, Youngeun museum, Gwangju(Gyunggi-do), Korea

책가도 형식의 부조로 끊임없이 공부하고 작업하는 도예가로서의 일상을 표현한다. 흙을 다지고 두드리며 작업을 하지만 흙은 언제든지 휘고 갈라지는 성질을 드러낸다. 그러면 다시 갈고 메워 본래 만들고자 했던 선과 면을 찾아간다. 흙을 다루는 도예가의 치밀함과 인내심으로 채워지는 시간, 작업의 산물, 그리고 그들의 조합으로 만들어내는 도예가의 서재.

My work expresses my everyday living as a ceramic artist constantly studying and working to recreate two-dimensional traditional paintings in books and scholars’ paraphernalia as relief carving. Beating and kneading clay reveals its properties: it bends and can crack at any time. Then, I rub and fill in the cracks again and continue my search for the lines and planes I intend to create. Time filled with the elaboration and patience of a potter dealing with clay and labor are all combined to create a potter’s library.