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Nao Matsunaga마츠나가 나오

    Japan, 일본
    Artist, Visiting Lecturer at Royal College of Art, London
    2007 Royal College of Art, Ceramics, Masters
    2016 Material Language, New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury, U.K.
    2015 Standing On The Verge/Live Up, British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent, U.K.
    2015 Mumbo Jumbo Kathedral, Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway
    2015 Monster Rock Circle, Marsden Woo Gallery, London, U.K.
    2015 Live Up/Blank Totem, London Design Festival Victoria & Albert Museum, London, U.K.
    2015 Best of British, Mansfield Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    2014 Selected by…, Limoncello, London, U.K.
    2013 We Are New Here, Arizona State University Museum, Combine Studios, Phoenix, AZ., U.S.A
    2012 My Primal Memory, Daiwa Japan House, London, U.K.
    2012 Jerwood Makers Open 2012, Jerwood Space, London, U.K.
    2013 Winner, British Ceramics Biannual Award, British Ceramics Biannual, Stoke-on-Trent, U.K.
    2012 Winner, Jerwood Makers Open 2012, Jerwood foundation, London, U.K.
    2014 York Art Gallery and Museum, York, U.K.
    2012 Victoria and Albert Museum, London, U.K.
    2011 Crafts Council, London, U.K.
    2016 Arskala studio, Java Contemporary Ceramic Biennale, Yogjakarta, Indonesia
    2015 National Academy of Art Oslo, National Academy of Art Oslo, Oslo, Norway
    2014 Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Cranbrook Academy of Arts, MI, U.S.A
    2014 Ceramics artist-in-residence, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, U.K.
    2013 ASU Art Museum, Arizona State University, AZ, U.S.A
    2010 Invited residency, Cove Park, Scotland, U.K.
    2008 Konstfack, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

나는 우리 인간이 세상을 어떻게 보는지에 흥미를 느낀다. 우리는 우리 주위에 존재하고 있는 형태와 색상을 탐색하는 데 길잡이 역할을 하는 상징물과 시각적 기표를 가지고 있다. 두 개의 점과 하나의 선만으로도 얼굴을 그릴 수 있는 것처럼 구름 속에서 케이크와 괴물을 보며, 언덕과 산속에서 거대한 신체의 부분들을 본다. 내가 황홀하고 매혹적이라고 발견한 것은 바로 최소한의 도움만으로 우리의 기억으로부터 사물을 파악하는 이 능력이다.

I am interested in how we as humans view the world. We have symbols and visual signifiers that act as signposts to navigate around shapes and colours that exist all around us. Just as two dots and a line can seem like a face, we see cakes and monsters in the clouds and giants body parts in hills and mountains. It is this ability to grasp objects from our memory with minimal help that I find fascinating and magical.