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Jane Norbury제인 노버리

    UK, 영국
    1984 Goldsmiths College London, Art Teachers Certificate
    1982 Beaux Arts d' Aix en Provence, France, Post Diploma Ceramics
    1981 UCA Farnham, UK, 3d Design, Ceramics, 1st class
    2018 Gallery artist, Galerie Collection, Paris, France
    2017 Timelines, Archaeological Museum of Bibracte, Bibracte, France
    2016 L'Eau Touche La Terre, Eglise de Cortiambles, Givry, France
    2016 Corps Sensibles, L'Arc Scene Nationale, Le Creusot, France
    2015 De couleur et de terre..., Le Grand Galerie, Montelimar, France
    2013 Shigaraki Mix, Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park, Shigaraki, Japan
    2012 Jane Norbury Solo, Galerie Nadia B, Dieulefit, France
    2011 Jardin d'ete, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, France
    2008 transiTERRE, Contemporary Art Center Vaste et Vague, Carlton Sur Mer, Canada
    1991 Tetes Brulees, Canary Wharf, London, UK
    2017 Gallery representation for one year, Collection Gallery, Ateliers d'Art de France, Paris, France
    2018 Musee du Gres Ancien, Premery, France
    2018 HK Lane, Palm Springs, USA
    2018 Ateliers D'Art de France, Paris, France
    2018 Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado, USA
    2013 Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Center, Shigaraki, Japan
    2018 Visiting Artist, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
    2018 Residency, Anderson Ranch, Colorado, USA
    2017 Workshop Earth and Nature, Ceramic School Dieulefit, Dieulefit, France
    2016 Earthwords/Masterclass, Art School of Dijon, Dijon, France
    2015 Workshop Slips and Prints, Ceramic School Dieulefit, Dieulefit, France
    2013 Workshop Earth and Nature, Beaux arts de Beauvaisis, Beauvais, France
    2013 Residency, Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Center, Shigaraki, Japan
    2008 transiTERRE, Contemporary Art Center, Carlton sur Mer, Canada

나와 점토와의 관계는 대단히 육체적이다. 안에서 밖으로 밀어내어 내면의 삶을 간직한 것처럼 보이는 추상적인 형태를 만든다. 나는 우리 인간이 바다에서 태어났고 지금도 몸의 대부분은 끊임없이 움직이는 액체임을 상기시켜주는 고풍적인 느낌을 풍기는 작품을 만들려 노력한다.

My relationship with clay is very physical, pushing from the inside out, to create abstract forms that appear to have an inner life. I seek to reach something quite archaic, a reminder that we once emerged from the sea and are still mostly liquid, fluid beings remaining in constant motion.