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Dan Wu Tan탄 단우

    China, 중국
    Graduate Student
    2017 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Master
    2012 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Bachelor
    2018 Art Central, Art+, Hong Kong, China
    2017 I Will Be Your Eyes II: Little Narratives, Art+, Shanghai, China
    2016 Re-juvenation, Thornwillow Institute, Newburg, The United States
    2015 ISCAEE International Ceramics Education Communication Studies 2015 Work Exhibition, Yixing museum, Yixing, China
    2015 “True Qualities of Academic” Central Academy of Fine Arts Student Creation Exhibition, Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
    2014 The 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition Ceramics Exhibition, Datang West City Museum, Xi’an, China
    2015 Excellent Work Prize, 2014 Dayun Sculpture Creation Finalist, Dayuntang Fine Arts Pavilion, Beijing, China
    2014 Best Innovation Prize, 2014 China “Ceramics Art 100” Power List, Beijing Rong Art Center, Beijing, China
    2013 the Second Prize, the third China West Ceramics Biennial, Sichuan artists association, Chengdu, China
    2013 the Grand Prize, the 2nd Gaoling International Art Contest and collected, People’s Government of Jiangxi provincial, Jingdezhen, China
    2013 the Excellent Prize, Jiangsu Culture Creative Design Competition Ceramics Craft Special Contest, Jiangsu provincial committee of the communist party propaganda department, Nanjing, China
    2012 The Third Prize, Central Academy of Fine Arts 2011 undergraduate graduation exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
    2018 OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
    2013 Jingdezhen Ceramics Industrial Heritage Museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2010 Private, Beijing, China
    2008 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
    2017 teacher, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang, China

나는 도자기를 매체로 사용하여 작품 제작을 즐기는 작가이며 동시에 대학 교수이다. 재료는 시각 언어와 형태를 전달해주는 매체이다. 일정 부분 재료의 언어가 작품의 개념을 표현한다. 재료 자체의 언어적, 문화적 힘이 작품의 활력을 배가시킬 수 있다.

I am a college teacher and an art's worker who likes to make ceramic materials. Material is the carrier of visual language and form. To some extent, material language expresses the concept of works. The linguistic and cultural power of material itself can extend the vitality of works.