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Cecil Kemperink세실 켐페링크

    Netherlands, 네덜란드
    1990 Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Art and education, Bachelor
    2019 Solo exhibition Museo della ceramics Mondovi, I
    2019 Open To Art, Galerie Officine Saffi, Milan, I
    2019 Biennale International Ceramics contemporary Vallauris, Musee Magnelli, Vallauris, F
    2018 International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Mino, Japan
    2017 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017, KOCEF, Incheon, ROK
    2016 Ceramis Europe, Museum for Art and Culture, Schloss Gottorf, D
    2016 Biennale International Ceramics contemporary Vallauris, Musee Magnelli, Vallauris, F
    2015 Performance opening Ceramics Triennale, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL
    2015 Ceramics Biennale Cluj, Cluj Museum of Art, Cluj- Napoca, RO
    2014 Ceramics of Europe, Westerwald Museum of ceramics, Westerwald, D
    2014 Biennale of silicate arts, Centre for contemporary ceramic art Kecskemet, Kecskemet, HU
    2013 Wearable Ceramics, CODA museum, peldoorn, NL
    2013 Ceramics biennale Kapfenberg, Kapfenberg art centre, Kapfenberg, AUT
    2019 Finalist Open To Art (I)
    2018 1, Artist in Residence Murano Glass, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, I
    2013 1, Ceramics Jewelry, NVK CODA museum, Apeldoorn, NL
    2019 Ceramics museum Mondovi, Italy
    2018 Ceramics Museum, Tegelen, NL
    2017 KOCEF colection, Incheon, ROK
    2015 CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL
    2014 Foundation for Contemporary ceramic Art Kecskemet, Kecskemet, HU
    2019 Artist in residence Ceramics museum Mondovi, Italy
    2016 Artist in residence MURANO Glass, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, I

움직이는 도자기 ‘움직임’은 나의 조각작품을 표현하는 핵심 단어다. 조각작품을 움직이게 하여 형태, 공간, 음향, 느낌에 지속적으로 변화를 가져온다. 조각작품이 춤추면서 움직이는 것을 즐기면서 듣고, 보고, 느끼고, 경험하기 바란다.

Ceramics in motion ‘Motion is a key part of the expressiveness of my sculptures. Moving the sculptures leads to an ongoing change in shape, space, sound, and feeling. Listen, see, feel, and experience what happens when the sculptures dance and enjoy the moment.’