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Maria Geszler Garzuly마리아 가즐리

    Hungary, 헝가리
    Ceramic Artist
    2001 Hungarian Academy of Art, Membership, Academic member
    1982 International Ceramics Academy ; AIC Genf, Membership, VIP member
    1965 Hungarian Applied Art High School , Budapest, Ceramic Artist, Diploma
    2016 Sound and Form, Museion Gallery, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2016 Desire, Belger Art Center, Kansas City, USA
    2016 AIC Barcelona Member Exhibition, Disseny Hub Museum, Barcelona, Spain
    2014 AIC Dublin, The Castle Member Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland
    2019 Vallauris International Ceramic Biennial , First Prize
    2013 First Prize, Hungarian Ceramic Biennial, Janus Pannonius Museum, Pecs, Hungary
    2005 First Prize, Ceramic Multiplex, Museum of Varasdin, Varasdin, Croatia
    2002 Bronze Award, Mino International Competition, Ceramics Museum of Mino, Mino, Japan
    2015 Ceramic Museum Westerwald, Horgrenzhausen, Germany
    2014 Yingge Musuem, Taipei, Taiwan
    2010 International Ceramic Studio Kecskemet, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2010 Frank Steyaert Private Museum, Gent, Belgium
    2005 Dr. Judy Schwarz Private Collection, New York, USA
    2016 Body Language Symposium, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2015 ACC Arctic Ceramics Center, ACC, Posio, Finland
    2014 Residency in Yingge, Yingge Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


The genius, whose unearthly sensitivity slams into our lives - like a meteorite - changes our history and destiny, makes deep wounds, or the talent and skills of this person walk into our life-paths as a shining and wonderful gift. We do not understand these objects - the meteorites with interstellar stardust - where they come from, what messages and imprints are they transmitting to us from other worlds? They roar above and then fall upon us (like the incomprehensible and inexplicable talents and brilliant creators) as Celestial messages . . . who understands this?