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Kaibo Xiong슝 카이보

    China, 중국
    Teacher/Associate Professor
    2017 Tsinghua University, Ceramic Art, Doctor
    2005 China Academy of Fine Arts, Ceramic Art, Master
    2002 China Academy of Fine Arts, Ceramic Art, Bachelor
    2018 Xiong kaibo solo exhibition, Jing tong Art Gallery, Shang hai, China
    2018 IAC Member Exhibition, Yinge Gallery, New Taipei, China Taiwan
    2017 East Asia Celadon on invitation, Taipei Palace Muse, New Taipei, China
    2016 The 12th National Art Exhibition, Xi'an Datang West City Museum, Xi'an, China
    2014 Silver Prize, Twelfth Chinese Art Exhibition, Chinese Artists Association, Beijjing, China
    2014 Bronze Prize, Thirteenth Zhejiang Art Exhibition, Zhejiang Province Artists Association, Hangzhou, China
    2017 Shandong Museum of Art, Shandong, China
    2014 Zhejiang Museum of Art, Hangzhou, China
    2014 China Art Gallery, Beijing, China

나의 도자기 디자인 철학은 전통에 뿌리를 두고 혁신적인 디자인을 개발한다는 것이다. 창의적인 현대적 아이디어를 적용하고, 낡은 표현방식에서 탈피하여 현대 도자기를 창작할 수 있으며 전통예술의 정수를 새로운 기법으로 보여줄 수 있다. 나의 작품은 동물, 그림자, 풍경을 모두 아우르고 있다. 나는 흙과 미감을 조화롭게 결합하여 작품을 예술성으로 채워 넣는다.

Innovating and developing on the basis of tradition is my ceramics design philosophy. Contemporary ceramic art can be created by employing modern creative ideas and breaking the old manifestation mode so that the essence of traditional arts can be presented by new techniques. Animals, shadows, and landscapes are integrated. It harmoniously unites the soil and aesthetic taste to fill the work with artistry.